Scale Modelbuilders Inc. Jim Watson, President & Transport Canada Design Approval Representative

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Aircraft Air Conditioning System Refrigerant Replacement STC

As a result of an identified need of light and medium sized aircraft operators, Scale Modelbuilders Inc. applied for, and received Transport Canada and FAA Supplemental Type Certificate approval (STC) for a replacement for the R12 refrigerant found in older aircraft air conditioning systems. This approval is applicable to all known aircraft originally equipped with R12, sometimes referred to as “freon” air conditioning systems. This approval is completely environmentally compliant, and may be installed with no mechanical changes to the aircraft. This reduces the installation costs to little more than the cost for regular maintenance of the system. Once modified, the aircraft operates with no performance difference, and no additional cost. Over 200 aircraft in Canada and the United States are flying with this new product, including Transport Canada’s fleet of Beechcraft King Air’s.

These STC’s are: Transport Canada Supplemental Type Certificate, SA02–138, and FAA STC SA01639NY, either of which permit the replacement of R12 refrigerant, with Enviro Refrigerant Hotshot R414B refrigerant, in most air conditioning equipped fixed wing aircraft. Also, TC STC SH08–28 similarly permits refrigerant in a number of helicopters.

R12 refrigerant is becoming very difficult to obtain. This is a result of environmental concerns, which have resulted in restrictions on its sale and use. The government has enacted regulations which will ban the sale and use of R12 within the next few years.

Enviro Refrigerant Hotshot R414B refrigerant has been developed as a replacement for R12 in air conditioning systems. Tests have shown performance even better than that found in the same aircraft type charged with R12. The cabin air cooled faster, and a little cooler. Enviro Refrigerant Hotshot R414B refrigerant is environmentally safer, and has a proven record in other industries.

The STC is sold specifically to each eligible aircraft for which it is desired, at a price of Canadian $ 575.00, per aircraft. Fleet and FBO pricing may be negotiated. This STC is a document package only. The refrigerant is sold separately. The only parts which are required during installation, are parts identified for replacement by the aircraft manufacturer, during air conditioning system maintenance.

The approved model lists of aircraft follow: