Scale Modelbuilders Inc. Jim Watson, President & Transport Canada Design Approval Representative

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Company History

Scale Modelbuilders Inc. was incorporated in 1984 by Jim Watson, as a company offering services such as special models, test equipment, and mechanical prototypes. At the time of incorporation, Scale Modelbuilders Inc. filled a service void left by the closure of another Canadian aircraft model producing company.

Since that time, Scale Modelbuilders Inc. has been in business continuously. Products have included many custom built models for many customers such as deHavilland Aircraft of Canada, Ontario Science Centre, LTV Aerospace in Buffalo, New York. These models varied from small static aircraft models for sales demonstration, larger models with fully functioning landing gear and flight control systems, and models for wind tunnel testing. Many models demonstrated the operation of certain systems with mechanical accuracy.

Scale Modelbuilders Inc. has also produced a large selection of specialized equipment for gathering data, samples, performing specific automated tasks, and calibrating other equipment. Much of this equipment was installed on aircraft for in flight research purposes. Customers for such equipment have included many private companies, the Governments of Canada, Ontario, New Brunswick, British Columbia, and Holland, and Universities in Toronto, Montreal, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Australia. This work has included precision equipment for measuring the size of laser beams, specialized sample collection devices, and many other types of research related equipment.

Other products have included specialized fire / rescue equipment for several fire departments, and special prototype parts for various companies.

The company has also been contracted for consulting services provided by Jim Watson. These services have been provided primarily for aviation research and product development. These services included type specific research on the in service customer satisfaction and operational difficulties with the DHC-6 Twin Otter, and Dash 7 for Bombardier Canada for 4 years. Also, piston engine systems product improvement and development for Canadian Aero Manufacturing, for many years.

In recent times, Scale Modelbuilders Inc. product and service capabilities have expanded to include the design and approval of modifications to aircraft, and the fabrication of products with which modifications may be accomplished. Scale Modelbuilders Inc., and the premises from which it has operated since 1990, continue to be wholly owned by Jim Watson.