Scale Modelbuilders Inc. Jim Watson, President & Transport Canada Design Approval Representative

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Jim Watson, the sole owner of Scale Modelbuilders Inc. works full time for the company. Jim has enjoyed model building since the late 1960’s, and working on both fixed and rotary wing aircraft since the mid 1970’s. Jim is high school educated, and has completed a number of specialty aviation and non-aviation industry training courses.

Jim has been a licensed pilot since 1978, presently holding a fixed wing commercial pilot’s license, endorsed for multi, land, sea and night, and a private helicopter license. Jim has more than 6000 hours flying experience in over 80 types of single and multi engine airplanes, on all undercarriage configurations. This flying has included considerable maintenance test flying, and design approval test flying for modified aircraft.

Jim’s experience has resulted in acceptance by Transport Canada as an Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO) Person Responsible for Maintenance, and Shop Certifying Authority inspector, as required in Canadian Aviation Regulation (CAR) 573. Since 2001, Jim has also been a Design Approval Representative (DAR). This delegation permits the issuance of approvals of certain modifications and repairs for aircraft by SSTC, and RDA. The scope of authority of the delegation is increased from time to time, to enable approval of design changes in other disciplines.

Jim is also a qualified volunteer firefighter, with additional qualifications in first aid⁄CPR, defibrillator, as an ice rescue trainer, and marine and airboat operator.

Corporate Vision Statement

“Scale Modelbuilders Inc. will provide high quality products and services to its customers. This will be done with a positive outlook on life and business, with the highest value placed on people and families. All work will be carried out with integrity, fairness, diligence, and in a timely manner. Good fundamental values, and customer care, will underlie every decision.”

—Jim Watson, President, Transport Canada Delegate