Scale Modelbuilders Inc. Jim Watson, President & Transport Canada Design Approval Representative

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Background Information and Services Offered

Scale Modelbuilders Inc. service capabilities include the design and approval of modifications to aircraft. This is done by the issuance of Transport Canada Serialized Supplemental Type Certificate (SSTC) or Repair Design Approval (RDA) approval of design changes and repairs to some aircraft. These approvals are issued by Jim Watson, in accordance with Design Approval Representative (DAR) delegation from Transport Canada.

Scale Modelbuilders Inc. is equipped on premises to provide the following services:

Scale Modelbuilders Inc. premises also include a hangar and 2000′ grass runway.

Scale Modelbuilders Inc. has an extensive historical aviation technical library to aid research, and computing capabilities appropriate to all tasks undertaken. The company also maintains an extensive inventory of materials for prototype production, and specialized fasteners and parts, many of which are traceable by means of a batch system, to assure quality control.

Doing Business with Scale Modelbuilders Inc.

Scale Modelbuilders Inc. provides services to its customers by personal service of Jim Watson, work is rarely contracted out. Availability of services is subject to prior commitments to other customers. Generally the costs of products and services are quoted as a complete project prior to undertaking work. Quotes for work are based upon an hourly rate of $135. Some work may require prepayment or progress payments. Where the required task requires travel, expenses will also be charged. 30 days credit may be extended to credit worthy persons and organizations. Scale Modelbuilders Inc. does not offer banking services, therefore, prompt payment of invoices is expected. Payments later than 30 days will be assessed an interest charge at generally accepted rates.


Inquiries with respect to services are welcomed. Generally, work will be quoted with no charge. Very complex projects, or projects for which the detailed requirements are not entirely clear, will be charged by the hour after the initial discussion.

Thank you for your interest in Scale Modelbuilders Inc.

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